About Us

The Brainerd Jaycees are a membership-based nonprofit organization who empower and develop young leaders between the ages of 18 to 40 in the Brainerd Lakes Area. We are affiliated with the JCI Minnesota, United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International. The Jaycees movement can be found in over 5,000 communities and more than 100 countries around the world.

The Brainerd Jaycees chapter has a strong tradition of excellence, developing leaders, and supporting the community. With 75,000+ volunteer hours, we raise over $250,000 annually to put back into our community. Each member shares the belief that in order to create lasting positive change, we must improve ourselves and the world around us.

The chapter was established in February 1937, and many state and local leaders have called the Brainerd Jaycees their home.


Leadership Structure

The day to day operations of our organization are handled by a ten person Board of
Directors. All actions taken by the board are approved or rejected by the general
membership at the Corporation’s monthly general membership meetings. The structure of
the Board of Directors is as follows:

  • President
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Management Development Vice President
  • Community Development Vice President
  • Individual Development Vice President
  • Membership Vice President
  • Public Relations Vice President
  • State Delegate
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vendor Director
  • Brainerd Jr Jaycees Director

Areas of Opportunity

The Brainerd Jaycees strive to offer members opportunity for personal and professional
growth in the following categories:

  • Community
  • Business
  • Individual
  • International
  • Environmental
  • Public Relations
  • Fundraising

The Jaycee Creed

We believe:
That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;
That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;
That government should be of laws rather than of men;
That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality;
And that service to humanity is the best work of life.